Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My leather sofa feels dry what can I do about it?

2. I have a pen mark on leather of my bank? Like advice.

3. My lint fabric sofa and goes pills.

4. How do I maintain my leather couch?

5. My leather sofa is discolored.

6. My cat peed on the couch. What to do?

7. How do I avoid us or coffee stains in my fabric sofa?

8. Can I get a spot rub away with doing?

8. Become dull leather on the front back. 

9. The leather on the seat is really shine.

10. I scratched my dog sit in my leather couch.

11. The upholstery on the armrests feel greasy and dirty.

12. The meeting comes a blue glow.

13. The seams on the front of the seat to be bald.

14. I have a crack down on the leather.

15. There are chocolate stains on my fabric sofa.

16. My cat has tonight given my sanded leather couch.

17. I have bloodstains on my fabric sofa.


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