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1 . Ideal

When the anchor can be an easy way to place your order and pay securely with your bank . To order an item , click the order button. You can then choose to checkout or continue shopping . At checkout , follow the instructions and choose your own secure payment method.

You can pay at the anchor in the following ways via iDeal You can pay securely with the following banks : Rabobank , ABN AMRO , INGBANK , SNS Bank and Postbank .
Pay safely with iDeal
1 . Select the bank where you do internet banking
2 . You enter the known to you internet banking screen of your bank
3 . You do your payment and approve
4 . You will receive a payment confirmation from your bank showing the payment details

3 . Paypal

When the anchor , you can also pay by Paypal. We accept all major credit cards with your paypal account . For payment by paypal , we charge a surcharge of 6.5 % charge . It is automatically calculated at checkout .


2 . Transfer

If you have a bank that does not work with iDeal You can also transfer the amount to our account . Take the total amount , and put your order number in the description. If we have your payment , we will take your order processed.
Bank details :

Het Anker

IBAN: NL38RABO0314811222

Rabobank: 314811222 t.a.v Het Anker


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