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Cuba leahter
Cuba leather Cuba leather is a full - aniline leather of high quality. The skins are from European cattle , the upper layer of the skins are lightly sanded and ensures that the open structure of the natural leather remains intact and also gives the leather a pleasant and soft grip ; a typical feature of Cuba leather. The finest leather hides used for Cuba despite its natural characteristics such as scarring , doornschrammen , blasts , growth stripes, colors , etc. can be found, the leather is light after Cuba treated leather and is therefore moderate moisture and stain resistant . The leather will over time normal characteristics and patina will show . We advise you to commissioning and then according to use . The leather with the supplied impregnation dirt and processing As with all natural leathers Cuba should be protected from direct radiation by direct sunlight to prevent fading. Protective leather Cuba doctrine belongs to...

Eco sofa care

ECO SOFA CARE is A protective maintenance product for your leather or fabric furniture, and has to be used as...

Ink remover (15 ml)

Removing ballpoint ink from leather.

MultiCleaner (150 ml)

Multi Cleaner is the ideal cleaner for smooth, grained and aniline leathers.

WaterStop Protectspray (400 ml)

400 ml. Water Stop provides optimum water repellent protection of leather and textile.

Leder Degreaser spray -...

Ontvettingsspray for smooth, full-grain leather and aniline. Remove grease stains from furniture, jackets, shoes etc....

Air dried filler (30 ml)

Selfdrying leather leather filler for repairing; cracks, deep scratches, crackle and the most common types of damage.

Alles Reiniger IPA

Good cleaner, degreaser for repairing damage and stains.

SF Scratch Repair (210 ml)

With Profi Scratch repair, it is possible to recover without colors. Slight damage to the leather invisible

Brush Lederverf (1L)

Leather Paint Brush is probably the most commonly used leather paint in Europe. Leather Brush Paint is available in...

Brush Lederverf 210ml

Leather Paint Brush is probably the most commonly used leather paint in Europe. Leather Brush Paint is available in...

Leather Recolour (1000 ml)

Strong colors paint repair / maintenance product .

Cuba - Leather Recolour (210 ml)

Leather recolour is a very flexible and powerful color-repairer (no paint or cleaning agent) for severely discolored...

Active for volaniline (250 ml) -...

Servicing agent for aniline leather. Feeds and cares.

Eco Multi Cleaner 220ml



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